Alberta born singer/songwriter Erin Haley has found her voice and the words that come out reveal a singer of substance who means what she says.

If the content of some of the new material is controversial or slightly unexpected with 'Some Kind Of Trouble' (the working title of the new record), Erin is prepared to own that. She was determined to make a record that she could get behind with conviction and sincerity, not by watering down the message to make it easier to swallow. Her upcoming album produced by Jason Barry (Dean Brody, Terri Clark, Michelle Wright) is definitely country record material but with a touch of blues and Erin's own flair. Haley takes control of the writing for this new record as all of her songs are co-writes with Canadian and Nashville writers. It was the best way for her to ensure a purity of vision. The exceptional band assembled by Barry is the same first tier players you would expect to see in the credits of any credible album in this genre.

Throughout her career, Erin has had the privilege of opening for some of Canada's top performing acts. It's been a long road, but she wouldn't trade the miles, or lessons learned for anything as they have all contributed to the artist she is today.

A fair portion of the funds necessary to record the new singles came from a crowd-funding campaign, with particularly strong support from her community.

If it all sounds like the perfect backdrop for a country record, well it probably is - from the campfire and fishing to that little black dress, and all the dirty mess in between, Erin Haley wrote it all down in her songs.





Yvonne Valnea

Last Tango Productions